Kayla AcklinLicensed Professional Counselor

    Kayla Acklin is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been practicing counseling services for the past four years. She is a graduate from Auburn University (2013 & 2016). Additionally, she is a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education & Supervision and will graduate from Duquesne University upon completion of her dissertation. Her clinical experience includes working with children and adolescent survivors of trauma; child and adolescent behavioral and mood disorders; perinatal mental health; and inpatient addiction treatment. Her university teaching experience includes multicultural counseling and marriage and family counseling courses. Kayla enjoys working with a variety of clients and welcomes individuals to come as they are.

    Kayla uses a variety of treatment models and believes that no person is the same; therefore, therapeutic modalities should be tailored to each individual’s needs. She believes that the foundation of therapy is the relationship between counselor and client and works to create a safe, supportive relationship. She respects the unique characteristics of each client and would welcome the opportunity to facilitate your personal growth.

    Kayla’s Counseling Expertise is in the following areas :

    General Mental Health (Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger Management, Self-Esteem Issues)
    Marital and Premarital Counseling
    Family Counseling
    Perinatal Mental Health
    Children with Behavioral Issues and At-Risk Teens
    Dual Diagnosis
    Adjustment Issues