Graham Bufford of Integrative Health Services Published in “Current Psychology”

Integrative Health Services is proud to announce that Graham Bufford, one of our Licensed Professional Counselors working with our clients in a variety of roles, has been published in Current Psychology, a respected professional journal.

Current Psychology presents original scientific contributions which go through peer review by experts in the given subject area. The journal encourages submissions from the research community where attention will be on the innovativeness and the practical importance of the published findings.

Graham’s contribution, titled Addiction and Relational Therapy: An Efficacious Approach (June 2023) examines the intricate connection between addiction, relational therapy, and systemic intervention. The article is a great example of how Graham Bufford’s academic background and field experience have converged to shed light on innovative paradigms for understanding and addressing addiction. His work and contributions on the topic are an invaluable addition to the realm of psychological research.

A Systemic Approach to Addiction

Graham’s published work in “Current Psychology” centers around the efficacy of a systemic approach to addiction intervention. The article posits that addiction is not solely an individual struggle but is perpetuated by economic, social, and cultural factors. This systemic view challenges the traditional disease model of addiction, advocating for a broader perspective that considers the role of relationships in both fostering addictive patterns and offering avenues for recovery.

According to Graham’s research, substance use and addiction in the United States have exacted a considerable toll on both human lives and financial resources. The findings demonstrate that effective options with a systemic lens are indeed available to address this pressing concern. His work accentuates that addiction and recovery transcend mere words; they are systemic components necessitating a transformative shift in mindset across individuals, family members, healthcare providers, and society as a whole

Theoretical constructs around addiction must be comprehended within the intricate dynamics of relationships to achieve substantial systemic relief from the ongoing addiction crises. Furthermore, Graham highlights that relational therapy, as another pivotal systemic component, presents a promising avenue for alleviating the multifaceted pressures stemming from the presence of addiction. The overall insights given by Graham in Current Psychology underscore the potential for innovative addiction healthcare solutions within the framework of relational therapy.

About Graham Bufford

Graham has a Master of Arts in Counseling as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is currently a Doctorate of Behavioral Health (DBH) candidate from Arizona State University. In his career and tenure with Integrative Health Services, Graham has specialized in Christian discipleship counseling, addiction/substance use, marriage/couples, severe/persistent mental illness, corrections, family systems, depression, anxiety, and complex trauma-informed care.

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