we offer professional counseling services

Our goal is to provide an integrative and holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

“Come as you are and leave a better you”

Integrative Health Services, LLC is comprised of licensed counselors and a clinical social worker. We have a combined 60+ years of experience. We come highly recommended by other well-respected clinicians, lawyers, and physicians.

We pride ourselves in dealing with taboo and difficult topics that are hard to discuss. We provide a safe place with no judgment to help individuals address things that have been holding them back from living the life they want.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services for individuals ages five and up, couples, and families.

Individual Therapy
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Our Blog

Kelli J. HolmesKelli J. Holmes
16:28 08 Nov 22
Fantastic service with quick and flexible scheduling. After experiencing a traumatic life event, Shea Miller has been instrumental in helping me to work through the stages and emotions that come along with trauma and grief.
Christy BelmearChristy Belmear
12:59 03 Nov 22
If you are looking for quality counseling and support, this group practice is it. They care about their client's lives and wellbeing
Shelley SollarsShelley Sollars
12:28 03 Nov 22
Integrative Health offers therapy for a broad range of clients and has a dedicated staff.
Gwen BorcykGwen Borcyk
01:42 23 Jun 22
Professional in every sense! The therapists at Integrative Health Services, LLC are very knowledgeable and understanding! Their commitment to their patients is immeasurable! I would recommend them to everyone!
Russ MitchellRuss Mitchell
19:55 16 May 22
Graham Buford is wonderful as a marriage counselor. I want to write a helpful review without revealing too much personal business. Fill in the gaps with your own story if it’s helpful.My wife and I have met with Graham on several occasions to work through the issues that often come up in the post-honeymoon, post-childbirth phase. We knew we needed to find a counselor that would remain neutral and help guide us in doing the necessary work to improve our marriage. We hit the jackpot with Graham. In the initial interviews, Graham made it clear that the only side he takes is the side of the relationship. Through various conversations, professional advice, take-home exercises, and, most importantly, encouragement, Graham has successfully assisted us in creating daily habits that make our marriage blissful once again. He works diligently and expects the same of you.As a person, Graham exhibits the same behaviors that he advocates. He actively demonstrates empathy, patience, respect, and honesty with his clients. Neither my wife nor myself ever once felt disrespected nor dismissed in our sessions. A couple of times we walked away from the appointment and one of us thought we had not been understood. In subsequent appointments we were encouraged to address that, and Graham always responded with humility and the openness to readdress the topic.Finally, I know some people are put off by the idea of a counselor having a religious agenda, because I’m one of those people. Graham is a Christian. He does not hide that, but neither does he dwell on it. My wife is a Christian. I am not. Any reservations I had about this circumstance immediately fell away upon meeting Graham, because regardless of his affiliation, Graham is a professional counselor. I did not want a prayer meeting or a bible study. I wanted professional marriage counseling, and I am 100% satisfied with our decision to choose Graham to provide it.