ADHD/ Attention Deficit Disorder

Struggling with ADHD or ADD can significantly impact various aspects of your life, leading to difficulties with focus, organization, and impulse control. At our therapy and counseling practice in Pelham, individuals from all over Birmingham seek professional help in managing and thriving with ADHD or ADD.

Whether you are an adult seeking strategies to enhance your productivity or a parent looking for guidance in supporting your child with ADHD or ADD, our counselors are here to help. Our dedicated team of experienced counselors understands the unique challenges that come with ADHD or ADD. We are here to support you in developing effective strategies to enhance your focus, improve time management skills, and harness your strengths.

Integrative Health Services is a team of professional counselors and mental health therapists ready to assist you in navigating the challenges of ADHD or ADD. Click on the counselor links below to make your appointment: